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i truly genuinely feel sorry for all the people who try to talk to me and get disappointed and upset because i probably sound like i don’t want to talk to them when i actually just don’t know what to say I’M SORRY

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calling people on the phone is more stressful than open heart surgery 


seeing people you dislike suffering through what they put you through is satisfying as hell

“If you want to be happy, be.”

Leo Tolstoy (via larmoyante)


everyones getting in relationships and I can’t even find my other sock

How To Not Regret Your Day
1. When you’re talking to the girl who has cheeks like an explosion of sun and hair like gold and suddenly you’re hit with the overwhelmingly joyful knowledge that someday someone will know her and love her in the most intimate of ways do not stop yourself from telling her what you know, that she is strong and she is gorgeous, do not hesitate to tell her that her laugh makes your heart swell. She may need to hear it. She deserves to hear it.

2. When in a crowded room pause your music, stop your fidgeting, listen to the careless laughs and childish jokes of those around you. Try this, don’t roll your eyes at the silliest of jokes but rather let your guard down, laugh along. Let them see you laugh. It’s ok to not be a grown up yet even when the world seems to expects you to be.

3. Draw a cute doodle of a plant on your hand. Write words like thunder and flames on your wrist. Stop and touch a real plant on your way home. Let it’s cool touch resonate on your hand. Let it remind you of the night sky and hard concrete when you stare up at a purple moon and remember all the times you’ve hurt people and touch the leaf with fingertips that swear they will never cause harm again.

4. Cry. Read a book and read the same quote over and over again until it is etched into your brain deeper than your finger prints into your old lovers wrists. Cry at the sight of the yellow sky an the setting sun, cry happy tears because night has just begun an it smells of candle light and lavender oils that remind you of your childhood bedroom. Cry and let the tears soak in to your bruised cheeks, it’s good for your skin anyway but it’s better for your soul

5. Call your mom. Tell her you love her. Tell her you’re sorry. She knows it, but it feels good for you to say and for her to hear again. Tell her you love her. Three more times.

6. Don’t text the boy that has ignored you for a week because you’re bored. Don’t text the ex that raised his fist at you but kissed you like he meant it, don’t call the father that ever laid a malicious hand on your sister. It’s ok to forgive but it’s also okay to take time and distance.

7. Say goodnight to the moon. Say goodnight to yourself. Kiss your hands and thank them for the help. Fall asleep smiling. Fall asleep with kisses on your lips and the ghosts of hugs not yet distributed in your chest. Fall asleep; you are okay.

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i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk

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this man was once in charge of australia

he is in charge again

loving the support
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You’re joking.

I am fucking done


if you wouldn’t suck a dick for one million dollars you are lYINGg